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Getting Group Policy Help on GPOGUY.COM

        A couple of months ago, we upgraded our partner site–– to a new look and feel. We also converted the venerable GPTalk Listserv-based mailing list, with over 1000 subscribers, to the new GPOGUY GPTalk Forum. While this new forum doesn’t have all the advantages of a listserv in terms of delivering […]

Please Explain Loopback Processing

Someone today on our GPTalk Group Policy Mailing List asked a simple question for which there is a fairly long, complicated answer, "Could you please explain Group Policy Loopback Processing ? I’m finding this very difficult to understand" One would think that this question should be easy to answer, but in fact, loopback processing confounds […]

Group Policy Preference CSEs Now Available for Download!

One of the members on our GPTalk mailing list just informed me that the Client Side Extension (CSE) packages for the new Group Policy Preference product are now available on the Microsoft download site. These are the installs that allow Windows clients to process the new Group Policy Preference settings. You can find them all, […]

Got Group Policy Problems?

Every once in a while I like to mention that we have a great resource for asking questions and getting answers related to Group Policy. As you may know if you’ve read my blog for a while, I started the website several years back as a free resource for GP info, tools and videos. […]