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The New GPOGUY.COM Portal Coming to

Hi Folks If you’re a fan of my web site, which I started many years ago as a resource for all things Group Policy, you’ll be interested in this latest news. In order to provide a single spot where you canĀ get great information on Group Policy, free tools for managing Group Policy and also […]

Getting Group Policy Help on GPOGUY.COM

        A couple of months ago, we upgraded our partner site–– to a new look and feel. We also converted the venerable GPTalk Listserv-based mailing list, with over 1000 subscribers, to the new GPOGUY GPTalk Forum. While this new forum doesn’t have all the advantages of a listserv in terms of delivering […]

Retrieve Group Policy Processing Times Remotely

Sometimes I’ve been doing this Group Policy thing for so long, that I forget some of the things I’ve done in the past. Today, I got another reminder of this when someone asked how they could find out how long Group Policy processing was taking on a remote system. Of course, there are ways, especially […]

New Group Policy Freeware Utility Finds GPOs with Deny ACE

One of the challenges of the GPMC’s reporting is that it is not easy to find GPOs that have had Deny ACEs (Access Control Entries) set on their delegation. Deny ACEs are typically used to deny a particular user, computer or group from applying a GPO. I always recommend that they’re used on an exception […]

GPOGUY.COM has Changed!

Just a quick note to everyone out there that if you visit as of today, you will see some pretty big changes on the site! We’ve partnered with the guys over at, home of the very popular and very cool Active Directory mailing list, to make a much better resource for Group […]

Got Group Policy Problems?

Every once in a while I like to mention that we have a great resource for asking questions and getting answers related to Group Policy. As you may know if you’ve read my blog for a while, I started the website several years back as a free resource for GP info, tools and videos. […]