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New GP PowerShell cmdlet

Well, I’ve created a new PowerShell cmdlet to go along with my get-SDMgpo cmdlet. Its called new-SDMgpo, and its purpose in life is to let you use PowerShell to create new GPOs. As with the previous cmdlet I created, it requires GPMC to be installed where it runs since it leverages the GPMC APIs. You […]

Cmdlet Wins a Prize!

Well, I just blogged about a little GP PowerShell cmdlet that I wrote recently to retrieve GPO information. I also mentioned that I created a Quest PowerGUI snap-in for it. Well it turns out Quest has a weekly drawing for the best cmdlet and I just won $200 for my little cmdlet. Cool! Check it out […]

New Group Policy PowerShell Cmdlet

Well, I took a crack at writing a PowerShell cmdlet and of course started with a Group Policy related one. Its called get-SDMgpo and basically lets you list out one or all GPOs in an AD domain, along with some properties related to them–like GUID, DN, version and of course, Friendly Name. You can download the […]