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PowerShell Script to leverage AD Tombstone cmdlets

Well, Active Directory MVP and well-known speaker Guido Grillenmeier from HP has taken my AD tombstone reanimation cmdlets and fashioned a very cool PowerShell script that uses the cmdlets and the new AD snapshot mounting feature in Server 2008 to not only restore deleted objects but also restore their attributes that are lost when the […]

PowerShell hits the morgue

Well, despite the morbid title, this is not about dead things. Well, not quite.  And amazingly its not about Group Policy either.  In my ever increasing thirst for PowerShell knowledge, I thought I would experiment a bit with some Active Directory-based cmdlets this time. The result is two free PowerShell Cmdlets that retrieve and reanimate […]

Going to DEC 2008? See you there!

NetPro is hosting their annual Directory Experts Conference next week in Chicago. If you haven’t been to this show, its a great place to mean all the giant brains in the Active Directory world and learn some cool things about AD and related technologies. If you are going, look me up when you’re there. I’m […]

The Clash of the GPO Links

Someone emailed a question to the GPOGUY GPTalk mailing list today that I thought was worth chatting about. The question pertained to disappearing Group Policy links. Namely, he had a situation where links to GPOs would periodically disappear from Active Directory containers. I thought this was interesting as it brings up one of the poor design […]

Free GUI tool for Server 2008 fine-grained password management

As you may have heard, Microsoft is finally providing the ability to have fine-grained password policies within a single AD domain. That means you can now have different password policies for different user groups within AD. This feature is described nicely in Jorge de Almeida’s excellent blog entry. Well, now our friends at SpecOps have […]

Group Policy Talks at NetPro’s DEC 2008!

For those of you who have been to NetPro‘s DEC conference, you know that this is just about the best AD and MS Identity Management conference there is. Well, Group Policy is not left out at this year’s upcomfing DEC 2008 in Chicago (*TGINV!). For the 3rd year in a row, I’ll be presenting at […]