Group Policy Reporting

As with any piece of your infrastructure, knowing what you have and how it is being used can be critical to your environment. Whether it’s for security or compliance reasons, or just to understand your user’s Windows desktop experiences, getting at how Group Policy is deployed in your environment is critical.

Our GPO Reporting Pak, composed of GPO Compare and GPO Exporter, peels back the cover on Group Policy like no other products on the market. GPO Compare lets you quickly find discrepancies across up to 4 live or backed-up GPOs, letting you look for inconsistencies within your GPO deployments across one or more Active Directory domains.

GPO Exporter gives you a powerful inventory and reporting tool for Group Policy—letting you quickly ask questions like, “where is a particular setting deployed in my environment?”, “Which GPOs implement Restricted Groups policy?” or “Show me all the policy settings that contain a particular user group name.”  In addition, Exporter gives you more than 10 pre-canned reports to give you visibility into your GPO environment that can help you streamline, reduce and consolidate policies. Examples of these include Empty GPOs, Unlinked GPOs, Duplicate GPO settings, Conflicting GPO settings and GPOs that implement Script policies. also has a forthcoming product that helps Windows administrators deal with another critical aspect of GPO management, group policy auditing and attestation.