Group Policy Migration

Group Policy, especially in larger environments, can often be the culprit in slow workstation startups and user logons.  This is especially true if you have built up your GPO environment over time and collected a lot of GPOs that are not optimized, redundant or conflicting.

What you want to be able to do is discover those unwanted, duplicate and conflicting GPO settings and then either remove the GPOs, consolidate them or migrate them into fewer GPOs. This is where SDM Software’s GPO migration solutions come into play. Using the GPO Reporting Pak, you can quickly discover GPOs that are no longer in use as well as GPOs that contain potentially conflicting or duplicate settings and ones that could be slowing down your workstation performance.

Once you have identified the GPOs that are ripe for consolidation, you can use Windows PowerShell and our Group Policy Automation Engine to consolidate and migrate your GPOs into a new, optimized structure.