Group Policy Compliance

A key part of Group Policy’s capabilities are securing and locking down your Windows server and desktop environment. So ensuring proper audit and compliance of your Group Policy environment is critical. To this end, SDM Software provides several key features in this area, including:

  • Group Policy Object Attestation: Allows you to track ownership of and perform attestation on key GPOs within your environment.
  • Group Policy Change Auditing: Allows you to see who is making changes related to Group Policy and what those changes were.
  • Group Policy Rollback: When changes to GPOs occur, this feature gives you the ability to rollback unwanted changes as needed.
  • Group Policy Compliance Reporting: After GPOs have been processed by servers and desktops, we give you the ability to see which GPOs and settings have been received by target sytems.

These features are provided within our innovative GPAA (Group Policy Auditing & Attestation)  and Group Policy Compliance Manager (GPCM) products. These products provides a full set of Group Policy compliance and auditing capabilities from the point at which the GPO is created, linked or edited to the point that Group Policy settings are received by target systems–providing you with unprecedented visibility into your Windows configurations.

Whether you have audit requirements that ask you to show who made critical GPO changes, or compliance requirements that ask you to prove that key security settings have been set on all your systems, our compliance solutions provide a one-stop shop for getting control over Group Policy in your environment!