GPO Exporter

Document, Analyze and Consolidate your GPOs

Key Features

  • Leading group policy reporting tool on the market today
  • Filter export results and snapshot views to display only those settings that contain your keyword
  • View a variety of pre-defined reports for precision group policy reporting with the Report Portal. Reports include Unlinked GPOs, GPO by CSE Area, Redundant/Conflicting Settings, GPO Links  and new Slow Boot/Slow Logon Reports!
  • Perform exports across multiple domains in a forest, allowing a full reporting of settings across multiple domains
  • Support for all settings in Windows 7 & 8/8.1 and Server 2008, R2 & 2012/2012-R2, including GP preferences
  • Ability to quickly report on settings across all GPOs in your environment
  • Selectively report on settings by policy area and select GPOs by links within Active Directory
  • Ability to search for keywords within setting lists and sort setting to find redundancies
  • Export settings to CSV or clipboard for quick documentation or use with Group Policy Automation Engine as part of a GPO consolidation
  • Output settings reports to printer, Excel or PDF
  • PowerShell interface allows you to perform GPO setting exports from the command-line for quick bulk operations

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GPO Exporter lets you quickly and easily document your Group Policy Environment. Whether you are trying to discover an existing environment, find overlapping or redundant settings to prepare for a GPO cleanup, or just need to know where a particular setting is coming from, the Exporter makes the job easy. And with the PowerShell interface, you can easily script GPO settings discovery based on your needs.


GPO Exporter is licensed based on the number of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) under management.


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Installation Requirements

GPO Exporter supports installation on Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Server 2008, R2 and Server 2012/2012-R2. You must have the .Net Framework 4.0 (Windows 8/8.1/2012/2012-R2) or 3.5 (Windows 7/2008-R2) and Microsoft® Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) installed on the system where you install the product. PowerShell 3.0 + is required to leverage that functionality.