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How To Think About Windows Group Policy–An Infrastructure Architect’s Take

Long before I got into the software business, and even during that time, I was first and foremost, an IT guy. I have spent nearly 20 years of my 30+ years in technology in IT–mostly in large organizations. Much of that time, I worked as an infrastructure architect, focusing on how to maintain and improve […]

New Version of the Group Policy GPMC PowerShell Module

One of the very first freeware projects I undertook when I started SDM Software, was to build a PowerShell snap-in (yes, they were called snap-ins back then) for Group Policy. That was back in 2007, long before Microsoft had their own Group Policy module (<cough> a total ripoff of ours <cough>). Anyway, it’s been several […]

A New, Old Threat: Dealing with AD and Group Policy Information Exposure

Delegation–A Blessing or a Curse? I’ve been wanting to sit down and write this blog post about AD information exposure for a couple of weeks now, and am finally finding the time to do so. For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I posted nearly a year ago after a visit […]

Video – Remove Empty GPOs

As promised I posted a quick video (OK not too quick) to walk through using the PowerShell pieces of GPO Reporting Pak to remove empty GPOs. The previous post describes the process and this video simply provides the walk through. There are so may things that one can do with the GPO Reporting Pak and […]

Find and Delete All Empty GPOs – GP Reporting Pak

Find and Delete All Empty GPOs The SDM Software GPO Reporting Pak is full of nifty features and is simple to use. There are many common scenarios that organizations require. The PowerShell components of the product are sometimes overlooked. From discussions with people who are using the product there are common reasons for this. New […]

Group Policy Automation and Dell Authentication Services

As you may have heard last week, or seen in our newsletter, or read graffiti’d all over the New York subway system, our Group Policy Automation Engine (GPAE) has added support to help organizations manage their Unix systems with Group Policy! OK, maybe that is a stretch, but it was in our newsletter! We are […]

Leveraging Group Policy Preferences Item-Level Targeting from “Downlevel” Group Policy

Recently I’ve had some conversations with folks that related to their irritation that “legacy” Group Policy settings such as Admin. Templates, Security Settings, Software Installation, etc. could not benefit from the fine-grained “Item-Level-Targeting” (ILT) feature that is available with Group Policy Preferences settings. Most of us Group Policy MVPs have had this on our wish […]

Performing Bulk GPO Renames

Someone recently asked about the best way to perform bulk GPO renames. Of course, there are probably many reasons why you would want to do this (e.g. moving to a standard naming convention, cleaning up mis-named GPOs, etc.) but for my money, there is one technology that makes this easy–PowerShell! There are (at least)¬†two ways […]

Nominate Our GP Products for a Community Award!

HEY GPOGUY & SDM SOFTWARE FANS!! We need your help! Windows IT Pro Magazine is having their COMMUNITY AWARDS NOMINATIONS until this Friday, August 14th. If you like the freeware products we have on and on, please consider nominating your favorite SDM Software or GPOGUY freeware products in the BEST Active Directory and […]

SpecOps GPUpdate 2.0 Ships

Just a quick update to my previous blog posting to let you all know that the 2.0 version of GPUpdate has shipped from SpecOps: Tags: SpecOps, GPUpdate