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Slow Boot/Slow Logon, Group Policy and SDM Software

Just a quick note to let folks know that, in case you missed it, the Group Policy product team at Microsoft posted a nice blog entry discussing Group Policy design decisions that can impact Windows boot and logon times. And, most cool for us, they referenced our whitepaper and GPO Exporter product, and it’s free set […]

New Whitepaper on Group Policy Slow Boot/Slow Logon Reports

As I mentioned in a previous post, our new version of GPO Exporter 2.0 includes a set of free reports that help to identify GPOs and GPO designs that can impact desktop boot and logon performance. I also mentioned that we would be creating a whitepaper that explains how you can use these reports and […]

Expensive Group Policy Preferences Item-Level Targeting

In my previous blog post, I wrote about some new reporting we’ll be providing in version 2.0 of our GPO Exporter product. One of the reports in that new version identifies GPOs that contain “expensive” Group Policy Preferences Item-Level Targeting (ILT). What do I mean by “expensive”? Specifically, this refers to ILTs that can result […]

Gaining Insight Into Group Policy And Desktop Performance

If you’ve followed my blog postings and articles recently,  you know that I’ve been speaking and writing on decisions that you can make in your Group Policy design that impact GP processing performance, and often, perceived desktop performance by the end user. Group Policy has some subtle and not-so-subtle features–such as Client Side Extensions that […]

New Article Posted on “Best Practices for Group Policy Design”

Just a quick FYI to let folks know that my latest article for Windows IT Pro Magazine is now posted on their website. In this article, I cover some of the fundamental issues around AD design as it relates to Group Policy, as well as talk about performance-related issues as they pertain to your GPOs. Check […]

The Effect of Synchronous CSEs on GroupPolicy and Windows Performance

At the recent TechEd North America talk I gave, entitled, “Best Practices for Group Policy Design with Performance and Security in Mind”, one of the areas I covered was the impact of Client Side Extensions (CSEs) that only run during a synchronous GP processing cycle. These include the follow 4 CSEs: Software Installation Folder Redirection […]