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Group Policy Comment

Do you place ‘comments’ on your GPOs? Did you ever wonder how to manage these, or how they may be useful. I put up a quick post on my blog ( that walks through GP Comments and how to manage them. It points back to SDM Software for deeper solutions with Group Policy Compliance Manager […]

Group Policy Auditing & Attestation 1.1

Hope everyone is having a great Summer (or Winter for you Southern Hemisphere folks)! We have been busy here at SDM, hence the lack of recent blog posts on my part. But I did want to drop a quick post to talk about our recent release of an incremental update to our Group Policy Change […]

Group Policy Attestation Explained

One of the cool features available in our Group Policy Auditing & Attestation (GPAA) product is the ability to perform attestation on Group Policy Objects (GPOs). In the video below, I spend some time discussing what GPO attestation is all about–the ability to assign ownership to GPOs in your environment, so that you can keep […]

Group Policy Attestation and tackling GPO bloat

We released a new product last month called Group Policy Auditing & Attestation (GPAA), which provides Group Policy change auditing, rollback, and a cool feature called “GPO Attestation”. If you work for a company that is regulated by one of the various government standards, such as SOX, HIPAA or GLB, you are probably familiar with this term. […]