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New Group Policy Patch MS16-072– “Breaks” GP Processing Behavior

This morning I woke up to an email from a fellow Group Policy MVP–Martin Binder–warning that folks were seeing GP Processing issues after the recent slew of Patch Tuesday updates were applied. Indeed, I had noted late on Tuesday via Twitter that there was a fix to GP in this latest round of patches, that prevents […]

A Couple of Good Windows 8 Issues Around Group Policy

In recent days, I’ve become aware of a couple of interesting “features” around Group Policy in Windows 8. Both were reported by other users and I confirmed their behavior on my own. The first issue, which I would categorize as a bug, is the following. As you probably know, in the version of GPMC that […]

Interesting “Bug” in GroupPolicy Folder Redirection results in lost data

One of the members of my gptalk mailing list posted this very informative email today regarding some issues he encountered with Folder Redirection. I figured it was worthwhile to re-post it here for everyone’s benefit. Hope everyone finds it useful!   Darren   Hi guys, Been having an interesting time with Folder re-direction on Windows […]

MS Releases Hotfix for Software Restriction Policy Reporting Bug

Thanks to reader Ryan Steele for bringing my attention to the fact that MS has released a hotfix to resolve the GPMC reporting bug that was introduced when Win7 and Server 2008, R2 shipped. I had documented this bug in an earlier blog post. Ryan let me know that MS finally issued a hotfix for […]

Win7 issue reporting on Software Restriction Policies

I found this issue recently–at first I thought it was just my environment, but have confirmed it on a couple of different environments. When you are on a Win 7 box (and probably R2 as well), in GPMC and viewing the setttings of a GPO that had previously been created and contains software restriction policies, […]